Have you ever had that feeling?

Have you ever had that feeling of needing to get away? I've been having that feeling for about a month now, almost everyday I have a moment where I'm just sitting there thinking about how all I want to do is leave for a while. And this thing is I don't know where I would... Continue Reading →


Little miss mischief

So here is my little girl being the little shit disturber that she is.  This is not the first time I've caught her doing this, she used to just lay underneith the leaves of this plant, no problems at all, no harm to the plant.  But now for some reason she feels the need to... Continue Reading →


Okay everyone, this is a bit of a heavy topic but this is all that's on my mind right now and I just gotta let it out, and possibly get some input. So, quick question.  How come everytime you let someone break down your walls and let those strong feelings out it all comes crashing... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

Hey guys, So as most of you know, today is Father's day. I have mixed feelings about today and for you guys to understand a bit further, well I think you know what is coming..... STORY TIME!!! So this story starts on July 30th 2016, its about 2:30 in the morning and I'm in my... Continue Reading →

The First Post

Okay! This is it! The very first post on the blog! Who else is excited??? Well I know I am definitely excited, and this post is essentially going to be about what has lead up to this moment. So I guess we'll call this storytime. STORYTIME! I've been thinking about starting a blog/vlog for a... Continue Reading →

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