Okay everyone, this is a bit of a heavy topic but this is all that’s on my mind right now and I just gotta let it out, and possibly get some input.

So, quick question.  How come everytime you let someone break down your walls and let those strong feelings out it all comes crashing down???

I’ve had this happen a few times over the past year and it makes me wonder why I keep letting those walls down just for those feelings to be crushed time and time again.  I consider myself to be a fairly nice guy, and I believe I know how to treat someone, so it just baffles me every time a potential relationship falls apart.  I’m honestly just trying to figure out what keeps going wrong.  It’s like I should create a focus group of all the girls I’ve dated and ask them this question and maybe then I’ll have my answer.  And that’s another thing that is frustrating about all of this.  I’ve asked! On a few occasions I’ve asked what went wrong and what I did and I never get an honest or straight answer.  Like you don’t have to not tell me to spare my feelings, us breaking up has already handled that, just do me a favour and answer my damn question so maybe the next one won’t end up like this but noooooooo.  Yes I understand that I’m ranting at this point but what the hay that’s what this blog was created for (kindof).  I guess the whole meaning of this is to get some input here, so let me know if you’ve had this problem or ladies maybe you guys can help me out with figuring this out.


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